Goleta, Santa Barbara Motorized Power Screens

Santa Barbara Motorized Power Screens

A supplier of Complete Screens recommended us to a general Contractor doing work for the Vacation Home of a major internet business owner. He was very specific in the product dimensions, color, functionality and installation. It took a few weeks to plan it all out with the Arquitect, Contracter and The “Benchmark windows & doors” sales representative. Complete Screens was given the approval to do the job. The Motorized power screens work really well in wide bi-folding doors. The job was completed a few days ahead of time and the General Contractor was very happy with the completed work and installation. The owner was pleased and would like to install more units around the Big Complex.

Drop Down Screens in Malibu

A Wonderful new addition to your Home. The drop down screens protect you from the sun rays and keep you cool. Installed in just one day. I will go measure and go over all the parts and colors. I will be back in 1-3 weeks and have the drop down installed in a day. Call Henry (818) 470-144

 Drop Down Screens MalibuDrop Down Screens in Malibu